Experience Creates Understanding

Diana Writes
1 min readApr 13, 2021
Courtesy of Pixabay

When reading To converse with the greats by Vera Pavlova, I saw the various interpretations the poem offers. The poem is open-ended, providing the reader an opportunity to interpret the meaning however they feel, with varying perspectives. My interpretation of Pavlova’s words is that experiences help us better understand circumstances.

Lines one and two reads, “To converse with the greats by trying their blindfolds on.” In order to understand great minds and people you have to see through their point of view “by trying their blindfolds on.” Experience is the best form of learning and understanding. Often people attempt to interpret things with no experience at all.

Being a teenager during this pandemic serves its challenges. With social interaction being limited, aimless hours with our eyes locked on various screens, and extracurricular activities being restricted, teenagers are being cut short of their childhood. Teachers and parents try to understand what we are experiencing but don’t fully recognize what we are going through. How could they? It’s not like a parent can say “Back in my day I experienced a pandemic as well.” It’s the lack of experience that results in lack of understanding.