Mending Art

Courtesy of Flickr by Neeka

In Nathaniel Mary Quinn’s art piece “Mend,” the use of numerous materials brought together help create this image of a person. Notice how through the use of borrowing, adapting, deconstructing and reconstructing sources, Quinn creates this collage. His art piece embodies this idea of taking what’s around you and making it your own.

This collage strategy reminded me of another form of art that deconstructs writing to form a new story. Quinn’s art piece “Mend” can be united with black out poetry. The same way Quinn took various existing photographs, drawings, materials and placed them cohesively, blackout poetry allows individuals to take existing written work and create their own message. I like to think of black out poetry as a written collage. When borrowing, adapting, deconstructing, and reconstructing an author’s words, blackout poetry emerges. Something new is created from something that already existed.



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